Programmes that make a difference

LMI-UK has earned a reputation for delivering highly effective leadership development. Our programmes, underpinned by expert coaching and facilitation, are designed to inspire people and give them belief in themselves and their abilities. We believe to be an effective leader of others, an individual must first learn to lead themselves and that meaningful change takes time.

Once we understand what it is you hope to achieve, we will work with you create a structured, yet flexible facilitation and coaching programme.

Working closely with you and your organisation’s values, we help you to achieve the results you desire, whilst also discovering, nurturing and developing the talents within your people along the way.

The structure of our programmes, based on Action Learning techniques that truly work, has been refined over 60 years of success, with three core concepts central to our delivery: time, multi-sensory learning and spaced repetition.

This classic approach to training and development is combined with personal coaching and group facilitation to ensure we deliver measurable results for our clients in these key areas:


  • Leadership, personal motivation and goal setting
  • Increased personal productivity, profitability and sales
  • Improved organisational and people management skills
  • Confidence and communication
  • Enhanced team development and empowerment


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    LMI programmes are externally verified for quality by the CPD Certification Service

The Total Leader

The business world continues to evolve, with growing competition in every sector and technological advancement increasing the speed of change. The demand for skilled, effective leaders to meet the challenges faced is intensifying, with many organisations now looking to develop the talent within.

The Total Leader programme is made up of four key facets that, when combined, represent what is needed to lead yourself and other people in the workplace. These programmes can also be undertaken separately.


Effective Personal Productivity

Effective Personal Productivity This programme is designed to help individuals improve their ability to plan, organise and make use of their day more effectively.

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Effective Strategic Leadership

Effective Strategic Leadership To succeed, organisations require highly effective, well-trained managers and leaders.

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Effective Personal Leadership

Effective Personal Leadership The most effective leaders are not only self-motivated and tenacious, but able to inspire others by example, action and thought leadership.

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Effective Motivational Leadership

Effective Motivational Leadership Motivational leadership is the ability to lead and motivate others.

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Effective Leadership Development

Everyone has what it takes to become an effective leader, but first you must learn the skills needed to succeed in a position of responsibility. Our programme will help people nurture the talent within and allow managers to lead confidently.

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Selling Strategies

Learn to focus your efforts on the business you can win and how to define these ideal prospects. Embrace the sales pitch and be memorable for all the right reasons.

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Women In Leadership

Women in leadership roles are still battling with inequality and out-dated gender stereotypes. Without a tailored approach to the unique challenges they face, there remains a danger the huge potential on offer, will go unused.

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Effective Team Dynamics

This programme is designed to help develop fantastic teams, working together effectively with shared vision, goals and understanding of roles and responsibilities.

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Making of a Champion

Making of a Champion® A programme for high performance living The Making of a Champion® (MOC) is a personal development course from Leadership Management International (LMI) designed to help young people reach their full potential. LMI was established in the 1960s and has worked with hundreds of thousands of leaders and managers across more than…

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Assessments and 360 degree instruments

Gain insight and understanding

Before embarking on a journey of development, it is essential you not only know your destination, but the point from which you start. Few people undertake a diet without first taking a tentative step onto the scales.

It is important to understand where you are now, both personally and commercially. How you are perceived by your peers, your managers and your colleagues will say a lot about you and the organisation for which you work. Do you know?

What view does the workforce hold about your style of leadership? Is the current structure and culture appropriate to the circumstances? Our extensive range of surveys, assessments and feedback instruments will answer these questions and more.

You will gain valuable insight into your organisation and the people within it. So whether it’s an organisation-wide attitude and culture survey, a 360 degree feedback session for managers or individual communication and personality style reports for members of a specific team, we can help.