The daily discipline of leadership

By Nick Howes | 22nd June 2020

In this episode of the podcast, Roisin and Nick build on the previous conversation about Vision to think about the discipline, process and hard work needed to lead into the future.

Vision and having positive conversations about the future

By LMI | 23rd May 2020

Nick and Roisin focus their conversation in this episode of their ‘So What About Leadership?’ podcast on Vision – thinking about and creating a bright future.

#9 The big picture and the daily disciplines

By LMI | 30th April 2020

Latest So What About Leadership? podcast with LMI UK’s Nick Howes and LMI Ireland’s Roisin Joyce. LMI UK & Ireland · So What About Leadership 30.4.20

#8 Leadership in lockdown

By LMI | 20th April 2020

Nick Howes and Roisin Joyce return with another episode of So What About Leadership? What does good leadership look like in crisis situations.

So What About Leadership? #7

By Nick Howes | 31st March 2020

Roisin Joyce (LMI Ireland) and Nick Howes (LMI UK) return to discuss all things leadership. Of course, like all conversations at the moment, the Coronavirus situation looms large.

So What About Leadership? #6

By Nick Howes | 4th March 2020

LMI UK Managing Director Nick Howes and LMI Ireland counterpart Roisin Joyce have recorded another episode of So What About Leadership?

So What About Leadership? #5

By Nick Howes | 28th January 2020

Nick and Roisin they discuss the value of rest, planning for success at the start of a new year, goals alignment, vision and both highlight their ‘Leader of the Week’.

#3 Goals & Goal Setting

By LMI | 18th October 2019

Nick Howes of LMI UK and Rosin Joyce of LMI Ireland discuss goals and goal setting – one of the core features of all LMI programmes.