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Free 90 minute online workshop

The LMI Making of a Champion foundations workshop introduces the principles, ideas and practical tools used across the world to transform the lives of thousands of young people, and introduces important themes developed in the Making of a Champion programme.

In this 90 minute session attendees will be faced with important questions such as,

"What makes a true champion?"


"What is success?"

They will be introduced to the four foundations upon which all LMI's world-renowned leadership programmes are built and shown how to apply these to their relationships, personal attitudes, their work and study.

This workshop will challenge participants to think about three crucial questions that will help them build confidence and self-motivation, shaping a positive direction for their lives:

  1. What am I good at?
  2. What do I love doing?
  3. What do I care about?

The Total Person Concept is at the heart of all LMI people development. We are passionate about helping young people build self-esteem, grow in confidence and increase wellbeing in all aspects of their lives.


LMI has 60 years of experience in more than 80 countries of delivering personal development that has lasting impact.

The young people attending this workshop will be shown the power of short-term as well as long-term goal setting. They will learn the practical and emotional benefits that come from making continual progress in all areas of life in ways that are important to them.

By choosing to attend, delegates will be taking an important step towards significant gains in the following key areas:




Helped me keep a positive and focused mindset proving that a “positive attitude leads to positive results."

– Rachel (A-level student)

Making of a Champion shows you how to put the different things together needed to be successful. I am more motivated and focussed on my work and where I want to be.

- Dan, Chalfont

"Set your expectations high" and "dream big" is what the course is about for me!

– Emily, 17

I feel like I have gained confidence in my abilities. It has helped me realise what I do want, my goals and dreams.

– Beth, 16

Making of a Champion has had long-term benefits. It has created a deeper sence of self-motivation and positive thinking.

– Marcus (now working in the City of London)

During the Coronavirus outbreak period where most young people are not in school or college, we are offering this as a free resource to help as many as possible make the best use of the less-structured time they have available.

The details

You’ll be wanting to know what’s actually involved when you take the plunge and say YES to starting your journey with LMI UK.

How long?

Workshops last for 1 1/2 hours


Delivered online using the Zoom platform.


This workshop is primarily for young people aged 16-24 although we firmly believe it will do anyone good. Teachers, HR & Training Managers, Apprenticeship Managers etc are all welcome to attend to see whether this may be suitable for the young people you work with.


As well as a course manual, we send you away with a stack of brilliant goals, planning & communication tools in paper & electronic format.


We will always discuss with organisations the issue of effective support for those who attend this workshop and we recommend the full Making of a Champion programme wherever possible.


The Making of a Champion Foundations Workshop costs £35 per person. 

Contact individual centres via the form below for details of any specific offers.

** During this time of Coronavirus crisis, these workshops are FREE **

Use Promo Code MOC_FREE when booking.


Making of a Champion : a programme for high-performance living

Dates, venues and booking

We hold the Making of a Champion Foundations Workshop in a variety of venues across the UK. Current venues:

Online / London / Birmingham / Manchester / Jersey / Peterborough / Epsom, Surrey / Middlesbrough / Glasgow


Click the 'Tickets' button on your chosen date to begin your registration.

For free place, click the blue text 'Enter promo code' on the next screen and enter MOC_FREE 




25th October, 7pm - 8.30pm



Due to the current health situation, we are only running our online workshops.

We will resume at our venues across the UK as soon as it's safe and permissable to do so.


Young people under 18 must be registered by a parent/guardian.

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Host Your Own?

Get in touch discuss hosting your own workshop at your school, college, community organisation or workplace.