Making of a Champion

Making of a Champion® A programme for high performance living The Making of a Champion® (MOC) is a personal development course from Leadership Management International (LMI) designed to help young people reach their full potential. LMI was established in the 1960s and has worked with hundreds of thousands of leaders and managers across more than…

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Effective Team Dynamics

This programme is designed to help develop fantastic teams, working together effectively with shared vision, goals and understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Women In Leadership

Women in leadership roles are still battling with inequality and out-dated gender stereotypes. Without a tailored approach to the unique challenges they face, there remains a danger the huge potential on offer, will go unused.

Selling Strategies

Learn to focus your efforts on the business you can win and how to define these ideal prospects. Embrace the sales pitch and be memorable for all the right reasons.

Effective Leadership Development

Everyone has what it takes to become an effective leader, but first you must learn the skills needed to succeed in a position of responsibility. Our programme will help people nurture the talent within and allow managers to lead confidently.

Effective Motivational Leadership

Effective Motivational Leadership Motivational leadership is the ability to lead and motivate others.

Effective Personal Leadership

Effective Personal Leadership The most effective leaders are not only self-motivated and tenacious, but able to inspire others by example, action and thought leadership.

Effective Strategic Leadership

Effective Strategic Leadership To succeed, organisations require highly effective, well-trained managers and leaders.

Effective Personal Productivity

Effective Personal Productivity This programme is designed to help individuals improve their ability to plan, organise and make use of their day more effectively.