Associate Director

Fran Pyatt

Fran’s drive to see people thrive has taken her across diverse sectors in the last 20 years, from the factory offices of European automotive companies to overseas humanitarian work. She has developed an authentic leadership style which lends itself to high quality, results driven coaching and facilitation.
Managing Director

Nick Howes

Nick is the Managing Director of LMI UK having taken over from Ray King in 2019. He joined the team in 2009 and has worked successfully with leaders and managers from across the SME spectrum as well as with large corporations and charities, being warmly received for his personable and flexible style, helping clients to achieve great results in accordance with their key goals.

Nick brings vision, enthusiasm and a passion to see people develop personally and professionally to his work and his leadership of the team.

Phone:07941 724786



Karl Gasson

Karl uses the lessons learned throughout a progressively successful career allied with the outstanding programmes provided by LMI-UK to support and facilitate development and measurable performance improvement for individuals and companies.

With qualifications and extensive background in RF communications, Karl’s career took him from ‘hands-on’ and client support roles, working with a team in Luxembourg and customers in the UK and Spain, to various sales roles culminating most recently in Sales Director for a fire safety software company and then Head of Public Sector Sales for a London-based consultancy.

Karl has achieved success in both the public and private sectors and has developed robustly proven commercial, technical, marketing and project management skills. Karl describes the most satisfying rewards from his career so far as including seeing others realise their potential and firmly believes that most of us have the ability to lead and manage others in ways that exceed what we currently believe are possible.

Carefully structured, proven development programmes have helped develop Karl’s career and he now works hard to assist others in clarifying their goals, determining a plan of action and putting in place development programmes that bring measurable and repeatable improvements in performance.  Karl describes this role as ‘facilitating success’ and is the most enjoyable part of his career so far.

Phone:07484 889469


Director – North West

Jude Crow

Having spent nearly 20 years as a Director at Grant Thornton UK LLP, where I established and led a successful team of expert, creative and self-motivated research analysts, I began to realise that my real passion lies in helping to develop others.  My experience as a trained coach has allowed me to focus on seeing the potential in individuals, helping them to see their own potential, and to set their own goals for success.

At LMI-UK I work with my clients to ensure they are the strong, confident leaders they need to be to manage their business to peak performance.  This includes coaching company employees to develop goal orientated, motivated people who work at their optimum focus and productivity.

I am totally committed to delivering tangible business results for my clients through LMI’s world class programmes and its unique process.

Please drop me a line to hear more, or call me for a chat about your business and personal aspirations and challenges.

Phone:07855 329374


Associate Director

Peter Larkum

An award winning Mental Health First Aid instructor, Peter brings his specialist knowledge to the LMI team. He has 18 years Face to Face youth work experience training up new leaders, and is especially passionate about LMI-UK’s Making of a Champion programme.

Associate Director

Sue Benoke

Sue joined LMI-UK after a successful 30 year career in the financial and legal sectors. Sue’s corporate life has given her a wealth of experience across all areas of business and she understands the challenges facing businesses of all sizes from large organisations to sole traders.
Working with LMI fits well with Sue’s belief in improving through learning and she also has a passion for helping organisations deal with organisational change, helping both the organisation and the individuals reach their full potential.

Associate Director

Leslie Berry

For over 30 years Leslie’s focus has been helping people to realise their potential. His many course delegates and coaching clients appreciate his engaging, relaxed manner and his focus on practical, real-world application. With experience of the police service; local and national government; the exhibition and events industry; the NHS; social research and many organisations in both the private and public sectors, Leslie brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical examples to his work. He is a member of the Institute of Directors; a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development; and a Member of the Association for Business Psychology.

Director – Scotland & North East

Neale Carter

Since joining LMI-UK in 2003, Neale has coached hundreds of people, across a range of organisations, large and small, but always achieving amazing results.

Neale believes that the LMI programmes, supported by the unique process and methodology used to deliver them, are the most powerful aide for developing people who are eager to learn and improve.

He is an inspiring coach, who quickly gets to the root of the issue, instilling confidence in all who work with him. His style has been summed up many ways, but the key words that appear time after time are:

  • Tactfully honest
  • Cajoling
  • Motivational without being overbearing
  • Charismatic
  • Inspiring
  • Easy going
  • Funny
  • Not easily derailed

Here are a few testimonials to Neale’s approach and the results he delivers:

“An expert in people, Neale quickly establishes what makes an individual tick and delivers programmes that are tailored to their learning style. On a personal level he is very easy to work with, very affable and extremely highly recommended.”

Group Managing Director – Payroll Industry, Manchester

“Working with Neale will help you get the best from your team. The individuals feel more engaged and included in the business, and they feel they add real value. Neale is good at allowing individuals to set themselves targets with a clear pathway to meet their personal and business goals.

“Working with Neale has definitely allowed both myself and my team to look at things from different angles, which we wouldn’t have normally thought about. Neale comes highly recommended.”

Operations Director – IT Apprenticeships, Leeds

“I can quite honestly say that Neale helped deliver a step change in our business. He has an exceptional skill at being able to work with people in a business at all levels to help them develop and grow.

“Neale particularly helped me, as CEO, to understand the importance of letting go of the day to day detail and allowing the senior team to do their jobs that they are paid to do. He taught me how to move from being a manager to a leader and focus my efforts on where they should be which was to grow the business at a strategic level rather than worrying about whether there was any photocopier paper!

“One of the best things about Neale is how warm and engaging he is from the moment you meet him. I think he is the nicest guy I have ever met. His honesty, integrity, and jovial spirit makes him incredibly effective at what he does. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to any business out there who wants to invest and grow their people.

“I’d especially encourage that any CEO out there utilises his services for their own personal development. I can’t thank Neale enough for all the help he has given our business over the years. Only one word of warning – don’t start chatting to him about his golf otherwise you best get comfy!”

CEO Software Pioneers, Manchester

Phone:07967 451759



Fabienne Perreux

A PCC certified ICF coach, NLP Practitioner, Neurozone and LMI licensed facilitator, I specialise in business and executive coaching, career and talent development, entrepreneur consulting, expatriation and relocation, team performance coaching, communication and sales facilitation, cultural change management.

I am passionate about people’s talents and strengths, which make challenges, learning and growth, relationships and innovation my stimulations.

After 20 years of experience in corporations (multi-sector expertise) and relocating within 7 different countries on 4 continents, (United States, Europe, Asia and Africa), I decided to train and get accredited as a professional Coach to help people continuously adapt to changes and reinvent themselves to reach their goals.

My clients like my experienced, direct and openminded style that helps them free themselves from limiting beliefs and influences, maximize their potential to achieve their genuine desires and goals.

If developing your soft and interpersonal skills is a burning wish for you, I will also coach you in that direction to accompany the journey towards your personal desired future.

I work with individuals and team/group settings; in French, English or Spanish. I also speak Japanese.

I work in close collaborative partnership with my clients, whether individuals or corporations. I apply a client-centred approach to tailor interventions crafted to reach each individual unique goals. My clients appreciate my coaching skills as well as my understanding, experience and focus on results, practice, career or real business life challenges and outcomes.

I have a Post Graduate Coaching Diploma with SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology). I am a coaching Practitioner trained for the International Coach Federation (ICF), have PCC qualification and a COMENSA Member.

Associate Director

Steve Hall

Steve comes with hands-on experience as a member of blue-chip Executive Leadership Teams for 10 years, is a CEDR Accredited Mediator and a tutor for leadership apprentices.

He has a track record of leading business across a number of disciplines including Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Communications, taking responsibility for contracts up to €600,000,000.

Working across Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA for over 25 years, Stephen has provided a breadth of customer and company experience which he brings to the fore in Coaching, Tutoring, Mediation and Mentoring.

Stephen recently gained a Masters degree in Middle East Politics.

Joelle Richa

Joelle is an accomplished business leader, with more than 20 years experience in the multinational pharmaceutical industry in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Joelle gained extensive experience across multiple geographies and roles, working with Eli Lilly in executive positions including General Manager, Marketing Director and Marketing Transformation Leader.

Throughout her various business roles, she successfully managed multiple countries, leading teams across 30 markets and launched more than 30 brands in different therapeutical areas achieving best in class performance.

Joelle has the exceptional ability to coach and develop people, build brands and grow organisations.

Her area of expertise are in: marketing management, operation management, business and organisation development, team leadership and people development, coaching, training and consulting.

Associate Director

Jackie Adams

Jackie Adams is an experienced HR professional having held roles at senior levels within FTSE 100 companies.

She is a qualified executive coach with experience coaching a variety of individuals. She has a challenging, but supportive solution focussed coaching style and is an experienced and certified psychometrics practitioner.

With generalist HR skills, she has recognised qualifications in both reward and employment law.

Since leaving the corporate world in 2017, Jackie has spent her time coaching, developing and delivering training solutions (including teambuilding events using psychometrics) and working on projects for corporate clients.

Director – West Midlands

Mark Tonks

Unlike most other sites, let’s start by talking about you…

It’s likely you are reading this for one of a hand full of reasons; either you think some of your team are not performing to the best of their abilities; or you think that perhaps you are not delivering everything you are capable of and you are searching for some possible solutions. More worryingly for you and your organisation it may well be a combination of the two.

Alternatively you may be looking because you and your team are performing really well and you want to find ways of becoming world class. Let’s look at what we might be able to do to help you to get things moving in the right direction.

As a leader your role is to deliver results with and through people, therefore if we can help you become more effective on a day to day basis in your area of leadership responsibility and you can do the same for your people the overall impact is sensational.

One of the biggest recurring expenses of any organisation, no matter the size, is the cost of its people; any improvement in the performance of its people therefore has a direct impact on the bottom line profitability. Typically we help people & organisations achieve greater success in these key areas;

  • Personal leadership, motivation & goal setting
  • Personal productivity, profitability & sales
  • Improved organisation & people management skills
  • More effective communication
  • Improved team development, motivation & empowerment
  • Improved strategic planning & thinking
  • Greater work life balance

If you could pick just one of these which would have the greatest impact right now? Why did you choose that one?

All work & no play?

And don’t think all our efforts are about work. The skills, techniques and attitudes developed during our time together will serve you equally as well in your personal life.  Your health and well being is a vital success factor and a major contributor to your overall effectiveness. The same is true of your people. A happier, healthier and more motivated workforce is more productive and produces better results.

Let’s talk

If all of this sounds interesting, why not give me a call on either my mobile 07957 805987 or my office 0121 308 5628 and we can have a chat about how LMI can help you improve your leadership development, management development and organisational development.

If you’d rather ease in more slowly drop me a line on mark@orangeandblueaction.com and I’ll send you a few more details to explain things. If that’s not enough why not ask me about our money back guarantee the first time we work together- there are some terms and conditions of course but this shows just how confident we are in our programmes and your ability.

A bit about me

Just so you know what to expect when we speak, I joined LMI in 2001 after a successful 20 year career in industry because I have a passion for people and believe in the power of personal development.

I have worked hard during that time to help many hundreds of private and public organisations along with thousands of individuals have, become and achieve more.

I have spoken at many conferences and seminars here in the UK as well as internationally and have previously been a judge on the prestigious ISMM and Birmingham Balance awards. Enough about me… please get in touch so we can talk about you and what you want to achieve.

Phone:07957 805987


Director – East Midlands

John Watkinson

Having spent 32 years within various roles at Diversey, John is an experienced technical leader with a passion for developing the next generation of talented leaders.

Taking an LMI course earlier in his career, John enjoyed first-hand experience of the tailored programmes, developing a genuine interest in personal development and the work of Leadership Management International (LMI).

Undergoing a significant transformation during the programme, John realised that skills development and training was a career path that he was wanted to pursue and left the business to join LMI as a franchise director in teh East Midlands.

With real-life understanding of the LMI programmes and vast management experience within previous roles, John brings a determination and commitment to the role that will allow individuals to realise their true potential and develop the skills needed to become an effective leader.

Phone:07484 653179



Chris Waters


Ray King

Ray’s LMI clients have and do include: BP & Castrol, Bank of America, Handelsbanken, JP Morgan, Workbooks, UK Glass, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Arch Insurance plus a host of other organisations, both large and small.
Prior to becoming an LMI Coach he spent over 20 years internationally in senior leadership positions. His experiences in South Africa, Hong Kong, Asia, China, Australia and the UK taught him the value of people and that the key to leadership and success was from achieving the desired planned results by working with and through other people.
Beyond his passion and belief in people he loves just being a regular family man.

Director – West Midlands

Mathew Sarabadu

I joined LMI after a successful 15+ years in management and business development, starting my career in the corporate world culminating in a senior managerial role with one of the worlds largest companies, Honeywell.  I then moved into the SME arena working with an established (14 years at the time), growing business with a view to utilising my skills gained for the benefit of further rapid growth. After joining with this business as a sales manager I very quickly within 2 years, became one of only 3 directors of the business.

In my role of sales director I was instrumental in building and developing a sales and marketing team while also championing the development of other areas of the business and the people within it.

Through the use of my skills, experience and desire to build a winning team the business successfully doubled its turnover within 2 years and continues to grow exponentially.

My journey has led me to fulfil my desire to help other businesses achieve the kind of growth I describe and for me to apply my skills and experience on a wider level through the use of our trusted, innovative LMI programmes.

I would describe myself as a dynamic, energetic and passionate individual who is striving to realise the potential of those team or individuals l work with. I aim to fuse the personal motivations of individuals with key business objectives to achieve the highest levels of achievement.

Phone:07817 492375


Director – The Channel Islands

Tim Neill

Being the only clergyman in the LMI team means I draw on a wealth of leadership experiences over many years from both the secular and non-secular world. I am most effective when I understand other peoples’ issues – their “world” and then, using the LMI framework help them to find way ways of “upping their game”.

I work as a leadership coach and therefore change, the importance of vision, leadership, leadership styles, communication, motivation, prioritisation, perseverance and the like are familiar subject.

I am a motivational person and my aim is to create leaders who leave a legacy that long out lasts them. I do not believe I could achieve that ambition successfully without LMI programmes. The LMI programmes give participants more than one good idea each session. Rather they provide the framework to practically apply that one good idea to life and thereby up their game.

Phone:07797 815 591


Director – North West

Michael Levy

Since joining LMI Leadership Management UK in 1999, my work addresses the people development needs of my clients across the soft skills or STAND OUT spectrum of business performance improvement.

Through the use of LMI’s development programmes, from Personal Productivity to Personal Leadership Development, from Selling Strategies to Strategic Leadership, I train, coach, facilitate and mentor first line managers to senior business director/owner managers on a group and one to one basis. My clients set out to achieve results that enhance their personal and professional success. The process also demonstrate real value by providing a multiple return on investment. Whilst this is a people business, my client have come from Legal, Property, Insurance & Financial services, IT, Education, Creative sector, Media, Manufacturing, Public & Voluntary sectors and more.

All I ask from you to work with me is simply the following – AN OPEN MIND and POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Why? Because the leaders I work with have challenges they want to address – they want to do better for their organisations, become better leaders in their organisation and question themselves as to how they can whilst operating in typically time poor environments. LMI’s programmes follow a time proven process pro-actively building on a combination of three essential success characteristics 1) goal directed action 2) self motivation 3) positive mental attitude.

To find out how this can benefit you and your organisation, I host leadership events and monthly Foundations of Success half day workshops to develop a dialogue to explore how best I may be of service to you and your business. My business mission is delivering the best tangible return on training investment through achieving measurable results in the shortest possible timescale.

I live in Altrincham with my wife and with 5 children each finding their way in the world and I strives to make a positive difference in the lives of ALL people I interact with.

I am passionate about supporting the Friendship Circle Charity and Langdon, two organisations based in North Manchester. I’ve been known to do a bit of stand-up comedy and I do know the importance of good material! I’m also passionate about music by Pat Metheny, Steely Dan, John Zorn, my family and mountain walking – not necessarily in that order.

Phone:07903 183931


Director – London and South-East

Roger Waplington

Roger is a motivational leader with an unusual blend of strategic, operational and people skills. He thrives in a challenging entrepreneurial and business environment, where change and rejuvenation through teamwork, leadership and profit driven growth are paramount.

Roger joined LMI in 1999 after a successful career with British Gas culminating in becoming Director of Logistics and Human Resource Management with British Gas Energy Centre (sub business of Centrica plc).

He rose from being a Trainee Engineer to becoming a Director through a journey of personal growth and change, with a desire to achieve success both for himself and his family.

This experience and success has given him the necessary leadership, people and task/process skills to help other organizations and people realize their own true potential by learning how to achieve their own dreams and goals through LMI’s leadership and management development programmes.

Roger has the practical experience and fully understands what it takes to acquire and become competent in the 4 key domains of leadership and management, namely:

  • Executing – ability to get yourself and people to be productive and achieve results
  • Influencing – ability to lead yourself and to get others to follow you.
  • Motivating – ability to build lasting relationships, cope with change and motivate people to a higher performance
  • Strategic Leadership – ability to lead an organisation


24 Years at senior management level in British Gas in Distribution Engineering – last job in this role was Area Distribution Manger for the City of Birmingham

11 years at Director level in British Gas in Purchasing and Supplies, Property Management, Logistics and Human Resource Management – last job in this role was Director of Logistics and Human Resource Management, British Gas Energy Centres.

11 years’ experience in British Gas of major change, business and culture change as part of the privatization and liberalisation of the energy industry.

20 years of consultancy, working for both large and small businesses in business strategy, business development, business improvement, change management and development of people.

19 years working with Leadership Management International Ltd in leadership, management, supervisory and team development through personal facilitation and mentoring and delivering LMI Programmes to individuals and groups from Director to Supervisory levels in an organization.

Companies include: Kuoni, McNicholas Construction Services Ltd, Phoenix Natural Gas, Allied Irish Bank, Core Utility Solutions [ Scottish Power], Frankham Consultancy Group, CSB Logistics, Ferns Group Ltd and GWT Media Ltd.


  • Chartered Engineer
  • Diploma in Management Studies
  • Key Development Programmes
  • Middle Management Programme Brooklands 1977
  • London Executive Programme, London Business School 1980
  • International Development Programme, IMD, Switzerland 1995
  • Effective Personal Leadership Programmes LMI 1999 – present

Roger is married to Carol and they live in Purley, Surrey. They have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Both are very active and enjoy playing golf, traveling, socializing and being with their family. Roger also enjoys public speaking and has given presentations on a wide variety of topics at conferences in the UK.
Key Development Programmes

  • Middle Management Programme Brooklands 1977
  • London Executive Programme, London Business School 1980
  • International Development Programme, IMD, Switzerland 1995
  • Effective Personal Leadership Programmes LMI 1999 – present

Phone:07778 354572


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