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Sticking to your New Year goals

By Nick Howes | 27th December 2020

Is it a goal, a resolution, or a complete waste of time? Despite overwhelming evidence to suggest that most New Year’s resolutions fail to stick, millions of people still make them in the hope that this year will be more successful. The reality is that it won’t be unless you change the process and try…

Short vs long-term goals

By Nick Howes | 18th December 2020

Without clearly defined goals, it’s impossible to reach your full potential and make the progress you’re capable of. In our last blog, we discussed the importance of having an effective goal-setting process, but what kind of goals and deadlines should you set yourself? Most people are familiar with the concept of short and long-term goals,…

Adopting an effective goal-setting system

By Nick Howes | 11th December 2020

Whilst it’s important to establish clear goals that align with the vision of the organisation, this can only be achieved once an effective goal-setting system is in place. Recognised as one of the most powerful actions you can take to improve personal productivity, goal setting is the process of developing a mission statement for something…

Goals – practicing the perfect goal setting process

By Nick Howes | 4th December 2020

As we approach the end of the year, business leaders are fervently engaged with the goal-setting process, outlining strategic objectives for 2021 that align with the vision of the organisation and will unlock the full potential of the people working around you. Before you proceed, it’s important to reflect on the last 12 months. How…

Communicate and commit to the purpose

By Nick Howes | 27th November 2020

Whilst it’s important for your business to establish a strategic purpose, it’s crucial that this message is communicated to your employees and those associated with the organisation. It might not be difficult for you to spring out of bed and start each day determined to succeed, but do your colleagues share the same enthusiasm? Ultimately,…

Using purpose to motivate your team

By Nick Howes | 20th November 2020

It’s hard for employees to feel motivated without understanding their purpose. Of course, colleagues will complete tasks if they are instructed to, but the quality and speed of delivery won’t be where it needs to be if they don’t have a genuine desire to complete tasks and achieve their goals. The purpose is the fuel…

What’s the purpose of your organisation?

By Nick Howes | 13th November 2020

The process of purpose discovery is about understanding why your business exists, rather than creating a new reason entirely. The purpose is already there in the DNA of your organisation, but in some cases, it can be difficult to determine or describe. A clear purpose implies the existence of a system of values, answering the…


Purpose – the reason why we exist

By Nick Howes | 6th November 2020

In the next series of articles, we explore the subject of purpose. It’s one of those areas that most leaders recognise as important, yet they struggle to give the issue enough attention due to operational challenges. According to research, neglecting purpose can have a hugely detrimental effect, and yet, there are major benefits to experience…

Using the vision to guide your business

By Nick Howes | 29th October 2020

Although the vision you’ve created for your business may be at the front and centre of your mind, it’s important that your team also share this commitment, completing daily tasks with one eye on the bigger picture. In previous blogs, we discussed the importance of communicating your vision and how employees respond better when they…