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Purpose – the reason why we exist

By Nick Howes | 6th November 2020

In the next series of articles, we explore the subject of purpose. It’s one of those areas that most leaders recognise as important, yet they struggle to give the issue enough attention due to operational challenges. According to research, neglecting purpose can have a hugely detrimental effect, and yet, there are major benefits to experience…

Using the vision to guide your business

By Nick Howes | 29th October 2020

Although the vision you’ve created for your business may be at the front and centre of your mind, it’s important that your team also share this commitment, completing daily tasks with one eye on the bigger picture. In previous blogs, we discussed the importance of communicating your vision and how employees respond better when they…

Keeping the vision at the front and centre of your mind

By Nick Howes | 22nd October 2020

The difference between effective and mediocre leaders is their ability to keep the vision at the front and centre of their mind, maintaining focus on the goals ahead, whilst motivating and inspiring the team to achieve their full potential. Whilst establishing and communicating the vision are two key elements of the process, it’s easy for…

Communicating your vision with clarity

Communicating your vision with clarity

By Nick Howes | 16th October 2020

If you’re an aspirational business leader, creating and establishing a vision might come as second nature, as you’ve already spent months contemplating the journey ahead and know what needs to be done to reach your destination. Appreciating the importance of constant improvement and development, these individuals understand that the path to success is never straightforward,…

Establishing a clear and realistic vision

By LMI | 9th October 2020

It can be difficult to stay on track at the best of times, but with the added distractions of a pandemic, even completing routine tasks can become an uphill struggle. Sometimes, entire days are spent putting out metaphorical fires or helping others, and whilst this can sometimes be important, it leaves a lot less time…

VISION – The breakfast of champions

VISION – The breakfast of champions

By Nick Howes | 2nd October 2020

I feel tired this morning – an extra hour of sleep would have been marvellous. Another day awaits, sitting in the same place doing largely the same tasks as the last six months. I wish I’d bought a better chair for my home-office before lockdown! Oh no, one of the kids is coughing. Last thing…

Effective goal setting

By LMI | 25th September 2020

Most readers will be familiar with the concept of goal setting, but not everyone will be practicing it effectively. Although your To-Do List will contain a selection of short-term objectives, your goals should be targets with which you have an emotional attachment, providing you with the motivation needed to achieve what’s necessary. With September’s theme…

What makes a great manager during a pandemic?

By Jackie Adams | 24th September 2020

I believe that in this current situation, the role of the leader/manager has never been more important to the success of businesses. I’ve been reflecting recently about the skills of managers during this difficult period of covid-19 lockdown/return to work/don’t return to work. We all know that there are many skills that managers need in…

Management & Leadership by Keywords

By LMI | 18th September 2020

Leadership and management are two of the most important concepts for businesses to consider when it comes to productivity and personal development. Whilst most people will be familiar with these buzzwords, learning essential skills in these areas can be complex and take years to master. However, there are a number of simple concepts and practical…