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Motivation – Please handle with care!

By Simon Lawder | 1st September 2021

Back in the early 80’s, I worked in an advertising agency that employed around eighty people. The company’s steady record of growth over twenty-five years meant it was regularly included on the shortlist by clients looking to change agency and it was seen as a ‘safe place to work.’ In other words, in an industry…

Guest blog: Old game. New rules.

By LMI | 27th July 2021

Leadership Mentor Simon Lawder shares his reflections on the current challenge facing leaders: Some say there is nothing new to be said about leadership, a ‘naturally occurring human activity’ that dates back to the year Dot. After all this time, you would have thought that we would have cracked it. And yet, there appears to…

Leading in a Crisis

By Roger Waplington | 21st June 2021

Leaders need to keep calm in a crisis (at least outwardly) however much turmoil they are experiencing. If most of the time the leader is collaborative, mutually respective, then, in time of a crisis, if the leader has to issue an immediate request without the usual involvement of the team, people will likely do it,…

A human perspective on productivity

By Brett Jarman | 16th June 2021

For many organizations, getting every last drop of output possible from humans whilst they are at work, has long been seen as a worthy and necessary goal. Not doing this, is often seen as a failure of management as it puts the maximization of profitability at risk. Those same organisations will go to great lengths…

Building strong self-confidence

By Roger Waplington | 5th February 2021

This month, personal growth will be the focus of our upcoming blogs, as we explore the skills and attitudes that are needed for individuals to be successful within their respective fields. In this instalment, we look at self-confidence, and how without it, people struggle to reach their full potential. In all walks of life, self-confidence…

The three pillars of communication

By Nick Howes | 29th January 2021

In previous communication blogs, we discussed the importance of making regular contact with colleagues during lockdown, scheduling specific times in the day for effective and thorough communication to take place. However, it’s all good and well blocking out hours of your day so you can sit down and have a detailed conversation, but without an…

Schedule your communication

By Nick Howes | 22nd January 2021

Unfortunately, communication mishaps are a lot more common than we’d like to believe. According to a popular theory, every single person will experience some sort of communication issue each day, and when this theory is shared with others, most people tend to agree. If we know this is the case and we acknowledge the importance…

Lockdown communication

By Nick Howes | 15th January 2021

In March 2020, the UK and many other parts of the world, were plunged into lockdown, as millions of people were forced to return to remote working in line with Government guidance. Accompanied by their children, pets, partners, parents and flatmates, the battle for quiet workspace, comfortable chairs and internet bandwidth commenced! By now, we…

Effective leaders communicate clearly

By Nick Howes | 8th January 2021

There is no arguing that 2021 begins amid two major events – the ongoing global pandemic and the implementation of new Brexit regulations. Your current feeling will be dependent on your own set of circumstances, and how these two issues are impacting your personal and professional life. Do you have a positive outlook on things…