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Managing a High Performance Environment

By Michael Levy | 19th April 2013

In workplaces all over the UK, there is a drive to improve performance – to obtain better quality and greater productivity. To do so is essential for national and international success in a highly competitive global market – for many, it’s simply a must for organisational survival. But generating better quality and greater productivity is…

Inspiration and Affirmation Notes

By Roger Waplington | 16th April 2013

LMI’s development programmes are designed to inspire people and to give them self belief so that they can become better leaders of themselves and other people.  We all need affirmations and inspiration to help us keep going in spite of the obstacles that stand in our way. Determination and persistence are just one of the…

Six Qualities of a Top Performer – do you have them?

By The Editor | 15th April 2013

From Michael Levy From over decades of working with people from every level, in small to very large organisations, across every sector, we have found there are six characteristics or qualities that almost every top performer shares; and conversely, are under developed or missing in people not considered top performers. 1. Focus All top performers…

Are you a Task Manager or a People Manager?

By Michael Levy | 11th April 2013

This is not a fictional story and the changes took place over many weeks. As a scenario many can relate to, its clear from my conversations with managers, that tinkering with possible solutions only produces a short term fix. One of my clients, Ray, a senior financial services manager in his early 30’s commented, “I…

10 Flaws of a Bad Leader

By Roger Waplington | 9th April 2013

10 Flaws of a Bad Leader A recent study revealed the top 10 flaws of a bad leader. Although a leader may think strategically and drive for results, it’s a common occurrence for the very same leader to reach a success plateau where cooperation thins and frustrations escalate. Leaders can become stale and their boss…

Thirteen Attributes of Leadership

By Michael Levy | 7th April 2013

Leadership is not about popularity. Leadership is not about charisma. Leaders, like the rest of us experience moments of self doubt and inner turmoil. This results in questioning their own character and judgement with honest reflection and a commitment to action. As the ethic says “He (sic) who does not increase his knowledge, decreases it.”…

My Route to Success

By The Editor | 25th March 2013

Like many people I feel that so far in my life I have been successful. Without too much thought and planning I have enjoyed a rich and varied personal and professional life experiencing highs and lows along the way – great career, strong personal and business relationships, good income, fabulous holidays but also bereavement, illness,…

7 Leadership Contributors and Inhibitors

By The Editor | 14th March 2013

Seven Leadership Contributors and Inhibitors By Michael Levy Operating in time poor environments, leaders find that opportunities to reflect on their own performance and development are limited. The consequence more often than not, is that these opportunities can easily be overlooked as the next key target date looms. Commonly, leaders also see the development needs…