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The urgent need to manage interruptions

By Nick Howes | 14th March 2023

In today’s fast-paced work environment, interruptions seem inevitable. From emails to phone calls and meetings, Teams chat and Slack conversations, distractions can easily take away from our productivity. We believe that uninterrupted time is at least four times more productive than broken time! According to a 2020 HBR article, the average person at work is…

The value of uninterrupted time

By LMI | 1st March 2023

Listen to Nick Howes speaking about the value of uninterrupted time at a Foundations of Success workshop in February 2023, via the story of the interrupting history teacher! Find out when our next Foundations of Success workshop dates are and claim your complimentary place here.

Post Summer Productivity

By Nick Howes | 23rd August 2022

As summer draws to a close and schools reopen, there will be many of us returning to work feeling refreshed and motivated after some much-needed rest and relaxation. Taking a summer break to spend time with friends and family, or just getting away from it all, can give people a different perspective of their work,…

Better results through tracking and feedback

By LMI | 27th July 2022

A good tracking system is one of the most useful tools for helping individuals grow. Progress can be demonstrated only by comparing the past and the present. Tracking is the only method of evaluating both the quantity and the quality of performance for individuals, for a department or work group, or for the overall organisation.…

The process of creating new habits

By LMI | 11th July 2022

Since the moment of birth, you have been engaged in a constant process of forming habits, breaking them, and forming new ones. As much as 95 percent of what you do each day is done from habit. Habits include attitudes and dominant patterns of thought as well as actions. Habit formation is a constructive way…

The importance of setting priorities in all areas of life

By LMI | 31st May 2022

Successful people set goals, and they make certain all their actions and activities contribute to the achievement of their goals. They act in a logical, reasonable, and organised manner to attain the results they have identified as important to them. Successful people increase their productivity through controlling their priorities. Focusing on All Areas of Life…

We’re building a cathedral! – The Power of Vision

By Nick Howes | 30th March 2022

It’s an old and slightly cheesy story, but one that still makes a crucial point. A tourist was walking by a construction site and saw three brick masons busy at work: The traveller stopped, watched the workers for a while and asked, “What are you doing?” The first mason immediately replied, “Laying bricks, what does…

Four cornerstones of leadership: purpose, integrity, service, stewardship.

By LMI | 28th March 2022

In today’s information economy, to prosper and even to survive, an organisation must tap into the creativity, imagination, and decision-making capabilities of every employee. This means that the people – along with the information, knowledge, and skills they possess – are the most important resource in any organisation. Consequently, the very nature of leadership has…

Leaders and Communication: the Human Connection

By LMI | 31st January 2022

Skillful communication is the essential human connection. Sound communication techniques enable leaders to meet this most basic human yearning of people. Using constructive communication and persuasion skills saves time and effort, encourages cooperation, and reduces stress and friction. These skills are invaluable in handling and preventing crisis situations, fostering self-esteem, generating mutual respect, increasing productivity,…