Improve your attitude to maintain output

By LMI | 2nd January 2020

While placing an exact value on your time can give you something to work towards and help you decide on which tasks to delegate, there are still some unproductive attitudes that could hinder your progress. Of course, there are many factors that could influence productivity, both in your personal and professional life, but one of…

lmi time worth

What’s your time worth?

By LMI | 27th December 2019

Having previously covered personal productivity and the importance of dedicating time to high payoff activities, it’s important to put things into perspective by looking at the actual value of time and what it represents. When thinking about the value of time, it’s interesting to note how people generally refer to it. Terms like spending it,…

time is of the essence

Time is of the essence

By LMI | 19th December 2019

With Brexit uncertainty continuing to grow, businesses across a range of sectors are taking the time to review their existing processes and procedures, looking for new ways to enhance workplace productivity. While it’s difficult to know exactly what challenges lie ahead, it is accepted that helping workers make the most of their time will only…

Crisis management skills for managers

By Karl Gasson | 22nd August 2019

Firefighting – the ability to handle the unexpected and the unplanned, to respond quickly in a crisis and restore calm. It’s a valuable skill and, for those of us who do it well, it’s a time-honoured route to greater responsibility and promotion. The common feature for all firefighting incidents is the need for an immediate…

Paul J Meyer – a personal tribute

By Ray King | 16th November 2018

The recent remembrance services held to honour all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts around the world, particularly members of the British and Commonwealth armed forces who served in the First World War, really made me reflect on loss and legacy. My melancholy mood was already in place before November 11, with news…

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Creating SMART goals for success

By Ray King | 5th September 2018

The issue of workplace productivity has long been debated in the popular press, as organisations look for new ways to boost performance and measure the output of their employees. Of course, measuring productivity accurately can prove difficult, especially when looking for a general method that can be applied across all industries. Increasing productivity means surpassing…

You will achieve more with a clear plan

By Ray King | 18th March 2018

You may set goals with enthusiasm and believe you are committed to them, but find yourself unable to achieve what you had hoped. You might make big plans, but seem unable to follow through and reach the desired outcome. If it all sounds familiar, you probably need a good shot of discipline. We’re not talking…

Don’t shy away from challenges

Don’t shy away from challenges

By Ray King | 20th September 2017

Being able to face challenges head on, deal with problems effectively and bounce back from setbacks quickly are all important leadership qualities. No matter how much time and attention you give to preventing workplace issues, there will always come a time when communication challenges arise. However, by reacting positively to such challenges, you can turn…

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Setting personal goals can shape your future

By Ray King | 20th September 2017

Setting personal goals establishes a relationship between where you are currently and where you are aiming to be. Although the process sounds basic, many people do not follow a goal setting programme, as they do not know where to start. Firstly, they are unsure of where they currently stand, and have no clearly stated priorities…