Vision and having positive conversations about the future

By LMI | 23rd May 2020

Nick and Roisin focus their conversation in this episode of their ‘So What About Leadership?’ podcast on Vision – thinking about and creating a bright future.

time is of the essence

A revitalised approach

By LMI | 21st May 2020

An Insight6 survey of business owners in early May asked, knowing what they know now, what skills they wish they had prior to the pandemic. The list, in no particular order, included: Communication – team and customers Budgeting – Better handle on the key numbers Mental Strength – look after yourself, staying positive Prioritisation –…

Let your colleagues take the lead

By LMI | 13th May 2020

Whilst great personal leadership stems from your own ability to lead yourself and others, there will come a time when you need hand some responsibility to your colleagues, especially if there are other high-profile activities that require your full attention. Mastering the art of delegation is critical to your long-term success as a leader, and…

Working from home – Coping amidst the COVID-19 crisis

By Roger Waplington | 9th April 2020

LMI UK Director, Roger Waplington has been sharing this advice with his clients and we thought some or all of it may be helpful to you as well just now. — To be as happy as you can you must be a leaf on a tree. We are unique just as every leaf on every…

The Stockdale Paradox

By Nick Howes | 24th March 2020

At LMI UK’s weekly team meeting on 23rd March, Karl Gasson shared some incredibly valuable insights into the Stockdale Paradox, as discussed in more detail in Jim Collins’ Good to Great This was so helpful to our team that we thought there would be many others who would benefit. In times of unprecendented challenge, there…

Stay motivated with the help of clearly defined goals

Stay motivated with the help of clearly defined goals

By LMI | 6th February 2020

Throughout your career, there will undoubtedly be times where you’re struggling for motivation and find yourself working through the days in autopilot. It’s not uncommon to experience the occasional lack of motivation, especially if you’re in the middle of a tedious or long-winded task, however being demotivated for a sustained period can negatively impact your…

Enhance productivity with effective delegation

Enhance productivity with effective delegation

By LMI | 27th January 2020

Delegation is a powerful skill that can unlock a wealth of opportunities for your business, while allowing you to grow as a leader. Many readers will be familiar with the various teamwork-related clichés that exist, with each championing the idea of working together and sharing the workload to achieve better results. Think of delegation as…

Don’t let emails disrupt your productivity

Don’t let emails disrupt your productivity

By LMI | 16th January 2020

The modern workplace relies on connectivity and communication. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline internal processes, allowing colleagues to share information efficiently throughout all levels of the organisation. For more than two decades, emails have been a staple of that communication, removing the need for unnecessary telephone calls or face-to-face meetings and placing…

Never give up on your goals

Never give up on your goals

By LMI | 9th January 2020

As important as it is to delegate smaller tasks to your wider team, you must also possess a steely determination that allows you to achieve your goals, regardless of the obstacles or challenges that lie ahead. When the going gets tough, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and give up on the…