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Five Young Leaders

It is tremendously exciting everytime a young person begins The Making of a Champion programme. This week saw five Year 12 students from Lanners Manners School in Bakewell, Derbyshire begin their Champion adventure. Led by John Watkinson and supported by Silje Howes, the kick-off meeting was a great forum for discussion of ideas and the…

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LMI London – International Additions

It’s exciting times for LMI UK in London as we welcome two great people from our international LMI family to the team. Joelle Richa joins us from LMI Lebanon and Fabienne Perreux has recently arrived in London having worked for the last three years with LMI South Africa. Nick Howes, Joelle and Fabienne have been…

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Total Leader Online Learning

The entire Total Leader suite of programmes is now available in LMI’s new online learning platform. Launched earlier this year, our online programmes have been getting great reviews from clients who are finding the simplicity of use combined with the same robust methodology used in traditional LMI programmes fantastic to work with. The Total Leader…

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Feels like progress

There is something really important about the way that we humans are wired that we can use massively to our advantage if we understand it. We are happier¬†and therefore perform better when it feels like we’re making progress. The idea of having key goals that you are working towards in and outside of work is…

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Success is progress

One of the key LMI concepts that we share with all our clients is based around this statement, first coined by our founder, Paul J. Meyer: “Success is the progressive realisation of worthwhile, predetermined, personal goals.” Success is progress. Progress towards a clear goal. A goal that has worth. A goal that is personal. In…

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Towards Investors In People

This week we saw the beginning of a very exciting new project, working with a national manufacturing company to achieve their goal of achieving the Investors In People standard. Our pilot group involves 8 managers from across the business, with varying levels of seniority, undertaking the LMI Effective Leadership Development programme. Plans are already afoot…

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