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Creating SMART goals for success

manufacturing productivity

The issue of workplace productivity has long been debated in the popular press, as organisations look for new ways to boost performance and measure the output of their employees. Of course, measuring productivity accurately can prove difficult, especially when looking for a general method that can be applied across all industries. Increasing productivity means surpassing…

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You will achieve more with a clear plan

You may set goals with enthusiasm and believe you are committed to them, but find yourself unable to achieve what you had hoped. You might make big plans, but seem unable to follow through and reach the desired outcome. If it all sounds familiar, you probably need a good shot of discipline. We’re not talking…

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Connecting daily activity with the Big Picture

  One of the key challenges of any organisation is to connect what their people are doing on a daily basis with their Big Picture goals – their mission and purpose, vision and values. This video shows how to break down the big picture into a Master Goals List, from their to create a monthly…

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Are you a Task Manager or a People Manager?

This is not a fictional story and the changes took place over many weeks. As a scenario many can relate to, its clear from my conversations with managers, that tinkering with possible solutions only produces a short term fix. One of my clients, Ray, a senior financial services manager in his early 30’s commented, “I…

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Thirteen Attributes of Leadership

Leadership is not about popularity. Leadership is not about charisma. Leaders, like the rest of us experience moments of self doubt and inner turmoil. This results in questioning their own character and judgement with honest reflection and a commitment to action. As the ethic says “He (sic) who does not increase his knowledge, decreases it.”…

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