What does an LMI-UK Franchisee do?

Upon joining LMI-UK you will have the opportunity to work through carefully selected development programmes with senior decision makers, leaders, managers, and supervisors.

Who says LMI programmes are any good or get results?

UK Clients include bp, Bank of America, Allied Irish Bank, Nike, Handelsbanken, Sony, and many more huge brands plus a host of SME’s nationwide.

Are there any ongoing costs?

An LMI-UK Franchisee pays £200 +VAT per month as a Support Fee. This fee covers general support services.

What level of ongoing support will I receive?

We hold bi-monthly, regional business development workshops. All franchisees are encouraged to contribute to our franchise advisory board, our franchise intranet, and bulletin board facility.

Every franchisee is supplied with an LMI-UK Brand Guidelines and CD that contains logos, corporate images, typefaces, and marketing products everything you need to promote your franchise and get you noticed.

On alternate years LMI-UK Franchisees and their Associates attend conferences in either Europe or the USA where they share experiences, strategies and have the opportunity to develop their skills and global network.

Ongoing telephone and email support is also available on all issues related to Marketing, Promotion, and IT.

What will my earnings be as an LMI-UK Franchisee?

An LMI-UK Franchisee, once established and having gained experience, can expect to achieve earnings in excess of £50,000 pa. With the right attitude, focus and goals £100,000 pa plus is also quite realistic. A detailed explanation of your earnings potential, substantiated with actual Franchisee examples, will be presented and discussed at you first exploratory meeting with LMI-UK.

Do I need to have training, teaching, or facilitation experience?

No, LMI-UK is looking to expand its team of people developers by offering a limited number of licences to committed individuals. LMI-UK Franchisees all have passion for the business they are in. They all want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business leader and individual they work with. And they all want to see their clients become even more successful.

More than half of contracts won by LMI-UK franchisees are resales to existing clients proving that they achieve outstanding results by offering a service required by businesses and individuals.

Will I need to take on staff?

Your business may grow to a stage where you may want or need to take on administration staff. Many LMI-UK Franchisees recruit Associates who conduct sales interviews and/or facilitate programmes. They typically work on commission rather than taking a salary.

Can I work from home?

Most LMI-UK Franchisees work from a home office, but some prefer to use serviced offices. The choice is yours. As facilitation and interviews take place at the client’s workplaces it is unnecessary to have a dedicated office or boardroom facility though your business may grow to the point where this becomes advantageous.

What do I do next?

If you are still interested in an LMI-UK franchise we suggest you contact us on 01753 669401 or email us on info@lmi-uk.com. We can send you more information and arrange for you to meet Ray King, the Managing Director of LMI-UK, to discuss the LMI-UK franchise and investing in your future with LMI-UK.