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Set up a dynamic daily routine

Getting into a positive routine or groove, instead of a negative rut, will help you become more effective. Why is the subway the most energy efficient means of transportation? Because it runs on a track. Think of the order in your day instead of the routine. Order is not sameness, neatness or everything exactly in its […]

The Government’s Productivity Plan

People are the real secret to increasing productivity. The article in the Daily Telegraph was interesting and bears this idea out. For details on how to increase personal productivity, check out our Effective Personal Productivity Programme. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11750184/Productivity-Plan-five-priorities-are-quite-enough.html

“The Essence of Destiny”

Watch your thoughts, because they become your words   Choose you words, because they become your actions   Understand your actions, because they become your habits   Study your habits, for they become your character   Develop your character, because it becomes your destiny.

LMI World Convention

San Antonio, Texas, 13th – 18th April, 2015   Over 300 LMI delegates attended the World Convention “Whatever You Ardently Desire” “Desire is the quality that transforms individuals from average achievers to true champions”   One of LMI’S key beliefs throughout its 50 years of influence in developing the true potential of people and organisations […]

Defining productivity – what does productivity mean to you?

Defining productivity For as long as most of us can remember, there’s been a concerted push to improve the productivity of our organisations and the people within them. Governments of all persuasions have set in motion initiatives designed to stimulate economy activity, drive productivity and enhance national and organisational balance sheets. Private enterprise has up-sized, […]

What Leads To Success?

PASSION I’m driven by my passion. I would pay someone to do what I do. If you do it for love the money comes along anyway   WORK Have fun working. Nothing comes easily.   GOOD Practice, practice, practice. The successful person is the average person focused. Get really good at something   PUSH Push, […]