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What Makes a Great Leader?

Armies, governments, rock bands, sports teams – even knitting groups – all need leaders. So there should be no surprise that businesses that have no clear leader, or no effective leadership, suffer from more than simply poor performance. This would be the perfect spot for a dictionary definition of ‘leader’ or ‘leadership’. But instead, the…

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The power of written goals

‘Write a goal down?! Pah – It’s all up here in my head…!’ Goal setting is a key component of any successful person or business. When this subject comes up there is usually a look of dismay on my clients’ face when I explain how important writing them down is, and I hear sentences such…

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Shed Loads of Leadership

September update from Mark Tonks & LMI Welcome to latest edition of Shed Loads of Leadership. In this edition a little food for thought, a couple of upcoming events ideal for business networking alongside personal development, an interesting article on the impact of coffee on productivity, a couple of recommendations and of course something just…

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