Is the economic crisis continuing……..

…………….Not for LMI-UK and the clients who use us.

At the end of November LMI-UK will officially record a 25.8% growth in business against the whole of 2012, and with more new contracts confirmed through to the middle of February 2014.

As the UK economy awakens from the past few years of downturn, companies are being faced with the dilemma of needing increased Productivity, more effective Management and Leadership and a greater awareness from within their ranks on how to utilise the human resources and talent in their organisations. Issues and challenges which need to addressed so as to capitalise on the opportunities to be achieved. Thankfully LMI-UK is fast being recognised as having the essential tools and people development programmes which will help address and rectify those performance gaps which many businesses now have and which will limit their ability to grow.

Greater Productivity is the key and LMI’s globally successful programme, Effective Personal Productivity is leading the way to ensure this happens. Just ask yourself, “Is Productivity an issue you want to correct now or should you wait until it gets more worse?”

I love it when a plan comes together!

Saturday evenings when I was a kid were all about The A-Team (oh, and perhaps The Dukes of Hazard)! Hannibal Smith’s famous line in the show was “I love it when a plan comes together.”

I thought of my favourite cigar-smoking soldier of fortune when I came across this excellent article and video by the well-known entrepreneur (of Dragons Den fame) James Caan about the importance of regular planning in your business. It is so in line with one of the biggest challenges that leaders and managers I work with face. He advocates spending two hours every week just to plan. Many people I know are struggling with the pressing demands of the immediate things to be done whilst knowing that more time to plan, set goals and develop effective strategy to reach those goals is so important.

There’s research that suggests that every minute spent in focussed, uninterrupted planning is worth ten times that amount in more effective implementation. That’s huge! So much depends on our ability to create the time and the space, without interruption, to review our goals and establish a plan to reach them. Hope you enjoy the James Caan piece as much as I did.

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P.S. In our LMI toolkit we have a load of really useful planning tools and templates – if you think this kind of structure would be helpful to you or members of your team, our Effective Personal Management workshop may be just what you need. Drop me a line and I’ll send you a massive ‘1st Person from any organisation’ disount code worth £340.

The Empowerment Imperative

During this past week (ended 08th Nov) I attended three excellent events in Central Manchester, each with a distinct focus.

Yet the concept of the Empowerment Imperative straddled them all:

a) The Manchester Creative Studio school for 14-19 year opening Sept 2014 is the new type of workbased, work styled environment where students will have the opportunity to forge a career path – with the right guidance. The plans are really very exciting.

b) Grant Thornton’s Agents of Growth event on Medium Sized Businesses (MSB’s) highlighted amongst other things, the need for courageous leadership to take more calculated risks and act on initiative.

And finally c) and this is at the core of LMI’s philosophy and values, that selling is a career of which people who ‘sell’ should be proud. ‘Ban the title of Business Development’ said John Leach of Winning Pitch. Everybody is responsible for selling something to someone and organisationally, nothing happens until a sale is made. It is a career that requires a combination of skills and attitudes. It takes time to learn and when carried out by having a servants heart, a be of service attitude, conducted ethically, relationship based, is one of the most rewarding ways of making a living.

Leaders I speak to will find it easy to agree with the sentiments above. But what can they do to help people move up one step from where they stand today? Read on …

Kindly hosted by Yorkshire Bank, the Leadership Lunch is for business owners, leaders and senior executives.LMI-UK Leadership Development

This provides an ideal opportunity for you to come away from your place of work to focus on developing key areas of leadership that drive business performance improvement in your organisations. This is your invitation to join me for the next event taking place in the Boardroom at Yorkshire Bank in Manchester on Thursday 21st November between 1145 and 1345.

The topic for discussion over lunch is The Empowerment Imperative.

Tapping into the values, vision and feelings of colleagues is critical in nurturing their commitment and improving their results because how people view their work has such a significant impact on their short, medium and long term productivity. In this area lies the signficant challenge of helping team members to capture the spirit and mission of their work: the empowerment imperative.

Attending this event might change change your world just a little, however it will challenge your perspectives, and that can only be a good thing right?

Lunch and refreshments are provided so it more than just your mind that will be nourished. The event is limited to 16 people and places and are reserved on a first come first served basis. Please reply or contact me NOW to reserve yours.

Michael Levy

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LMI-UK in Ukraine

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