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Expanding Leadership Through Women

 As the nature of leadership changes from command and control to a supportive and empowering style, managers must learn how to coach and support their staff if they are to be effective. Supportive leaders listen to people who work with them and seek their ideas.  They share the bigger picture and readily disclose information.  They…

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Life after Oil

Saudi Arabia may have many challenges to face in it’s pursuit of “Life after the Oil runs out” but leadership won’t be one of them. Only a few weeks ago LMI-SA announced it had been awarded the first of many contracts to develop over 400 Leaders and Potential Leaders using LMI’s Total Leaders concept. The intervention…

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Major UK Bank Rolls out LMI-UK Pilot Programme

Banks are often the focus of bad press and out of date thinking.  “Do what you have always done, and you will get what you have always gotten”.  For Banks this could be an expensive strategy to adopt, but not for one fast growing  European Bank here in the UK. After successfully completing several pilot…

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In my last article I shared with you the idea that successful people plan a journey towards success and follow it and that there are five essential elements in any success journey: A clear goal A plan The desire to achieve Confidence in your ability to achieve your goal Determination to keep going regardless of obstacles. …

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Connecting daily activity with the Big Picture

  One of the key challenges of any organisation is to connect what their people are doing on a daily basis with their Big Picture goals – their mission and purpose, vision and values. This video shows how to break down the big picture into a Master Goals List, from their to create a monthly…

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World Hajji & Umrah Convention 2013, London Olympia, 21st & 22nd May

  Attended by Hajj authorities and travel operators, hotels and others. In association with the Saudi & British Marketing and Management Association [SBMMA] and Dr. Talal Al – Maghrabi, CEO,Marketing and Communication Academy [MARCOM],Roger Waplington, Director, Leadership Management International UK [LMI – UK], gave a 2 hour presentation on:   Leadership Needs In Today’s Global…

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