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What Makes An Entrepreneur ?

The burning question today when businesses are faced with the need for change and innovation is how they can get in touch with their entrepreneurial instinct. The rewards for doing so can be enormous. It can transform a business if it can be identified and harnessed.  A recent study consisting of in depth interviews with…

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Succession Planning

Succession Planning  A Very Long View A. G. Lafley, the respected past Chairman and CEO of Proctor and Gamble, after taking over in 2000 made a strategic decision to focus on building an internal leadership pipeline that  produced numerous CEO candidates. He elevated leadership development to the same level of importance as business strategy. On…

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What To Look For In A Business Leader At Senior Level

Broad perspective and vision of changing business requirements driven by customers needs and competition   Able to influence and collaborate with Senior managers and Directors and Client representatives at all levels.   Able to communicate a compelling vision that inspires others, generates enthusiasm and commitment.    Provide others with a clear sense of purpose and…

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10 Ways to Build Trust with Employees

By Michael Levy Successful leaders develop relationships with their team based on trust. Employees, when they feel trusted, supported and engaged, will give special effort to leaders they trust. Because the opposite is also true: employees rarely excel under the punitive thumb of someone they do not trust and who they feel does not trust…

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Opposing Leadership Virtues

Leadership is commonly understood in terms of balancing two basic dualities. Strategic versus operational leadership defines the “what” of a leader’s work. Are you positioning your company to be competitive down the road and driving to produce results now? Forceful versus enabling leadership has to do with the “how”. Can you take the lead and…

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